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A Little Bit of Tito's

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High Beginner
Nate Golden (USA) - February 2024
Alabama Nights - Tiera Kennedy
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#32 Count Intro – 1 Restart on Wall 3 after 16 Counts

Step, Heel Swivel, Kick, Coaster Step. Repeat on L
1&2Step R Fwd, Twist R Heel Right, Twist R Heel Left
&3&4Kick R Fwd, Step R back, Step L next to R, Step R Fwd.
5&6Step Fwd on L, Twist L Heel Left, Twist L Heel Right
&7&8Kick L Fwd, Step L back, Step R next to L, Step L Fwd.

Step, Clap, 1/4 Turn Left, Clap, Back Rock Close, Modified K Step
1&2&Step R Fwd, Clap Hands, Step Fwd L ¼ Turn Left to face 9:00, Clap Hands
3&4Cross R behind L, Recover L Fwd, Step R next to L
5&6&Step L Diagonal Fwd, Touch R next to L, Step R Diagonal Back, Touch L next to R
7&8&Step L Diagonal Back, Stomp R next to L 3 Times (Weight on L)
*Restart Here on Wall 3

Step Lock Step, Step Lock Step, Step Touch, Step Hitch, Coaster Step
1&2Diagonal Step R Fwd, Lock L behind R, Diagonal Step R Fwd
3&4Diagonal Step L Fwd, Lock R behind L, Diagonal Step L Fwd
5&6&Step R Fwd, Touch L Behind R, Step L Back, Hitch R Knee Up
7&8Step R back, Step L next to R, Step R Fwd.

Pivot ½ Turn, Run Run Run, Side Rock Cross X2
1-2Step L Fwd, 1/2 Pivot over Right shoulder weight on R
3&4Step L Fwd, Step R Fwd, Step L Fwd
5&6Step R to Right, Recover L, Cross R over L
7&8Step L to Left, Recover R, Cross L over R


Rosie M March 2, 2024
Great job Nate! I'll be teaching this on my dance cruise xo

NateGolden March 4, 2024
@Rosie M - Thank you so much! I hope to see a clip of everyone having fun! Enjoy your cruise!!

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