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Country Scootin'

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High Beginner
Jo Clarke (AUS) & Kylie Davies (AUS) - February 2024
Country Dance - Aaron Goodvin
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Intro: 16 counts
Tag (4 counts) & 2 restarts
See below for explanations

Section 1 - Cross points, cross, back, R side shuffle.
1-4Cross RF over LF (1), point LF to L side (2), cross LF over RF (3), point RF to R side (4)
5-6Cross RF over LF (5), step back on LF (6)
7&8Step RF to R side (7), step LF next to RF (&), step RF to R side (8).
(Weight is on RF at 12:00)

Section 2 - Cross unwind ½ L, step hitch, back hook, R lock.
1-2Cross LF behind RF (1), keep weight on RF as you unwind, making a ½ turn to your left, finish unwind with weight on your LF (2) (6:00)
3-4Step fwd on RF (3), hitch L knee (4)
5-6Step back on LF (5), hook RF over L leg (6)
7&8Step fwd on RF (7), lock (cross) LF behind RF (&), step fwd on RF (8).
(Weight is on RF at 6:00)

Section 3 - Step L, step R ¼ turn R (hinge turn), ¼ turn R with side shuffle, rock back recover, kickball cross.
1-2Step LF to L side (1), step RF to R side making a ¼ turn to your R (2) (9:00)
3&4Step LF to L side making a ¼ turn R (3) (12:00), step RF next to LF (&), step LF to L side (4)
(*2nd restart here during wall 9* @ 3:00)
5-6Rock back on RF (5), recover weight to LF (6)
7&8Kick RF fwd (7), step down on ball of RF (&), cross LF over RF (8)
(Weight is on LF at 12:00)
(*4 count tag during wall 4, 1st restart after tag* @ 3:00)

Section 4 - Vine R, vine L with ¼ turn & point.
1-4Step RF to R side (1), cross LF behind RF (2), step RF to R side (3), touch LF next to RF (4)
5-8Step LF to L side (5), cross RF behind LF (6), make a ¼ turn L (9:00) stepping fwd on LF (7), point RF to R side (8)
(Weight is on LF at 9:00 ready to start again)
*Option - can swap out vines for rolling vines

TAG: 4 count Tag & Restart 1
Step RF to R side (1), touch LF next to RF (2), step LF to L side (3), hold or clap (4). During wall 4, you will be facing 3:00, dance 24 counts, add in the 4 count tag (this will be after the kickball cross) & restart the dance.

Restart 2 - During wall 9, you will be facing 3:00, dance 20 counts (you would have just completed a L side shuffle) & restart the dance.

Ending: Dance the first 10 counts, you will be on wall 12 facing 9:00.
On the 10th count, instead of unwinding ½, you will unwind ¾ to get back to 12:00 & cross your RF over your LF.

Happy dancin’ y’all!!!


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