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Marlon Ronkes (NL) & Romain Brasme (FR) - March 2024
Comfortable - Victor Ray
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Intro: 48 Counts, Start at approx.. 18 secs

SEC 1 Step, ¼ Side, Behind, Side, Hold, 1¼ Rolling Vine, Step, Hold
1-2-3Step left forward, turn ¼ left step right to right, step left behind right (9:00)
4-5-6Step right to right, hold over 2 counts
1-2-3Turn ¼ left step left forward, turn ½ right step right back, turn ½ right step left forward (6:00)
4-5-6Step right forward, hold over 2 counts

SEC 2 Back Sweep, Back Hitch, Reverse Twinkle, Reverse Twinkle
1-2-3Step left back sweeping right from front to back over 3 counts
4-5-6Step right back hitching left from front to back over 3 counts
1-2-3Step left behind right, step right to right, step left to left
4-5-6Step right behind left, step left to left, step right to right

SEC 3 Back, ½ Sweep, Step, Hold, Forward Basic, Back Basic
1-2-3Step left back, turn ½ right sweeping right over 2 counts (12:00)
4-5-6Step right forward, hold over 2 counts
1-2-3Step left forward, step right beside left, step left beside right
4-5-6Step right back, step left beside right, step right beside left

SEC 4 ½ Fallaway Diamond, ¼ Cross, Point, Hold, ½ Monterey, Hold
1-2-3Cross left over right, turn ⅛ left step right back, step left back (10:30)
4-5-6Step right back, turn ⅜ left step left forward, step right forward (6:00)
1-2-3Turn ¼ left cross left over right, point right to right, hold (3:00)
4-5-6Turn ½ right step right beside left, point left to left, hold (9:00)


Andhy givo March 31, 2024

Tracy59 April 3, 2024
Beautiful! Learning this today!!

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