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Cindy (KOR) & BeBe (KOR) - March 2024
Havana (feat. Young Thug) - Camila Cabello
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intro – 16 Counts

Sec 1. Cross walk, hold, cross walk, hold, side rock, recover, together, side point, flick
1 , 2Cross Rf over Lf, hold
3 , 4Cross Lf over Rf, hold
5 & 6Rock Rf to R side, recover onto L, step Rf together Lf
7 , 8Lf to L side point, Lf flick

Sec 2. Cross shuffle, stomp, head & bodyroll, cross touch side
1 & 2Cross L over R, step R to side, corss L over R
3 , 4Step Rf to R side stomp, Head & bodyroll
5 , 6Head & bodyroll
7 , 8Cross touch Lf over Rf, step Lf to L side

Sec 3. 1/4 L, Cross Full turn side shuffle point, point, 1/4 sailor
1 , 21/4 L step Rf fwd, pivot 1/2
3 & 41/4 L step Rf side, Lf side together Rf
5 , 6Lf fwd point, Lf to L side point
7 & 81/4 turn L step Lf behind cross Rf, step Rf side to R, step Lf side to L

Sec 4. Fwd rock recover coaster kick ball point, drage touch
1 , 2Step Rf fwd rock, recover on Lf
3 & 4Step Rf back, step Lf together Rf, step Rf fwd
5 & 6Lf kick fwd, Lf together Rf, Rf to R side point
7 , 8Rf drag touch to L


Christina Yang March 7, 2024
So beautiful and gorgeous ~♡♡

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