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Country Dance

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Jo Rosenblatt (AUS) - November 2023
Country Dance - Aaron Goodvin : (iTunes)
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START: Feet together, weight on left, 16 Count Intro

[Written as a split floor for Scootin’ Bootin’]

Heel, Cross Touch, Heel, Side, Heel, Cross Touch, Heel, Side
1 2Touch R heel to right diagonal, Touch R toe across in front of left foot
3 4Touch R heel to right diagonal, Step R slightly to right side
5 6Touch L Heel to left diagonal, Touch L toe across in front of left foot
7 8Touch L Heel to left diagonal, Step L slightly to left side

Vine with Touch, Vine with ¼ Turn Touch
1-4Step R to right, Step L behind right, Step R to right, Touch L beside right
5 6Step L to left, Step R behind left
7 8Turn 90° left step L forward, Touch R beside left (9:00)

Diagonal, Tap, Diagonal, Tap, Back, Back, Back, Back
1 2Step R forward on right diagonal, Touch L beside right with Clap
3 4Step L forward on left diagonal, Touch R beside left with Clap ## RESTART 2
5-8Step R back, Step L back, Step R back, Step L back

Back, Touch & Clap, Forward, Touch & Double Clap, REPEAT
1 2Step R back, Touch L toe beside right & Clap
3&4Step L forward, Touch R toe beside left with Double Clap ** RESTART 1
5 6Step R back, Touch L toe beside right foot & Clap
7&8Step L forward, Touch R toe beside left foot with Double Clap


RESTART 1: Wall 4, after Count 28 **, restart the dance facing 12 o’clock.
RESTART 2: Wall 7, Dance to Count 20 ##, restart the dance facing 3 o’clock.

FINISH: Wall 12, Dance to Count 8, complete the following 3 counts to finish at the front wall. Step R forward, Turn ¼ left step L to left, Stomp R forward with a flourish.
This dance is dedicated to all the beautiful women at Forest Grove Durack who dance with me every week. You ladies are cathartic for my soul.



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