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Sugar & Spice

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Jef Camps (BEL), Roy Verdonk (NL) & Jo Kinser (UK) - March 2024
Milky Way - Duguneh, Abi F Jones & Jay Fonseca
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Intro 16 counts

S1: Skate, Skate, Shuffle, Skate, Skate, Shuffle
1-2RF skate forward, LF skate forward
3&4RF step forward into R diagonal, LF close next to RF, RF step forward
5-6LF skate forward, RF skate forward
7&8LF step forward into L diagonal, RF close next to LF, LF step forward

S2: Jazz Box Cross, Side Rock, ¼ Recover, ¼ Chasse
1-2RF cross over LF, LF step back
3-4RF step side, LF cross over RF
5-6RF rock side, ¼ turn L & put weight on LF (9:00)
7&8¼ turn L & RF step side, LF close next to RF, RF step side (6:00)

S3: Behind, Side, Cross Samba, Cross, ¼ Back, Back Pony Step
1-2LF cross behind RF, RF step side
3&4LF cross over RF, RF rock side, recover on LF
5-6RF cross over LF, ¼ turn R & LF step back (9:00)
7&8RF step back hitching L-knee, LF close next to RF, RF step back hitching L-knee

S4: Rock Back/Recover, Shuffle ½ Turn, Back, Drag, Ball, Walk R-L
1-2LF rock back, recover on RF
3&4¼ turn R & LF step side, RF close next to LF, ¼ turn R & LF step back (3:00)
5-6RF large step back, drag LF towards RF
&7-8LF close on ball next to RF, RF step forward, LF step forward

Have fun!

In wall 5 dance up to count 12 and add following steps before restarting the dance (12:00)
1-2-3-4RF step side & sway R, sway L, sway R, sway L (wave your arms)

Last Update: 13 Mar 2024

2024 13 MAR 2 29 MAR '24 100


1966CB March 6, 2024
Tres jolie danse!!!!!

JCamps March 6, 2024
Merci beaucoup! :D

Waylon April 27, 2024
💙 this dance.

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