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Pump Up The Jam

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High Improver
Kristin Clove (USA) - March 2024
Pump Up the Jam - Swingrowers
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Section 1: Press, Recover w/Hitch, R pony back, Side, Heel, Ball cross, 1/4 Paddle turn
1,21,2:Press R forward, Recover on L while hitching R knee
3&4RF pony back 
&5Step LF SIDE L Flex RF side R
&6Ball change RF crossing LF over R
7-8RF paddle 2xs 1/4 turn L

Section 2: Step, Lock w/ hitch, Shuffle, Rock, Recover, ¼ turning Jumps x2
1,2RF step forward, lock LF into RF hitching up RF, RF Shuffle forward, 
3&4Step R back while hitching L knee, ball of L next to R, Step R back while hitching L Knee
5,6,7,8,LF rock forward, Recover RF, 1/2 turn jump 2xs over Left shoulder

Section 3: Wizard step, Side rock, Recover, Sailor step, Weave
1,2&3,4RF wizard step, rock side L, recover side R,
5&6,LF sailor step,
7&8RF weave back, LF step side, RF cross forward

Section 4: Stomp, ¼ sit w/ knee pop, Hip push, Walk RL, ¾ pivot
1,2,3,4stomp LF side L, 1/4 turn right planting Toes lifting heels off floor, push hips forward, push hips back
5,6,7,8Step forward RF, step forward LF, step forward RF 3/4 pivot turn weight changes to LF 

Last Update: 25 Apr 2024


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