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Loose Cannon

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Easy Intermediate
Peirina Svensson (SWE) & Emma Johansson (SWE) - March 2024
Devil You Know - Tyler Braden
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Intro: 16 counts start on vocals

Sec.1 Wizard steps x2, mambostep, lockstep back
1 2&Step Rf forward diagonally, lock Lf behind Rf, step Rf forward diagonally
3 4 &step Lf forward diagonally, lock Rf behind Lf, step Lf forward diagonally
5&6Rock forward on Rf, recover onto Lf, step Rf back
7&8Step Lf back, lock Rf over Lf, step Lf back

Sec 2. ¾ turn, sailorstep x2, kick ball step
1 2.Turn ½ R stepping Rf forward, turn ¼ to the R stepping Lf to the side.
3&4step Rf behind LF, step Lf together with Rf, step Rf to R side
5&6step Lf behind Rf, step Rf beside LF, step Lf to L side
7&8Kick Rf forward, step back on Rf on ball of foot, step LF forward
-Restart here on wall 2 and wall 4

Sec.3 skate x2, heel swivel, full turn, ½ shuffelturn
1 2Skate Rf to the right diagonal. Skate on Lf to left diagonal
3&4step forward on Rf, Twist both heel out right, recover on to Lf
-Restart here on wall 5
5 6Turn 1/2 Turn to the right stepping forward on Rf, Turn 1/2 Turn to the right stepping back on Lf
7&8Make ¼ turn R step Rf to side, step Lf next to R, make ¼ turn R stepping forward on Rf

Sec4. step, turn ¼ point, cross heel step,cross, back, trippelturn
1 2step forward on Lf, make ¼ turn to L point our with R toe to side
3&4&cross Rf over Lf, step L to Lf side, touch right heel diagonal forward, step back onto Rf
5 6cross Lf over Rf, turn ¼ L stepping back on Rf
7&8make a full trippelturn on the spot over your L shoulder.

Restart 1. On Wall 2 after 16 counts
Restart 2. On Wall 4 after 16 counts
Restart 3. On Wall 5 after 20 counts.

Special thanks to Emma´s Kid Max for suggesting the music!


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