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The Whiskey's Gone

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Petra Van de Velde (BEL) - February 2024
The Whiskey's Gone - Alli Walker
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#32 count intro

Side toe touches R-L, Stomp Forward, Swivel, Kick Bal Heel, Step, Touch Ltoe Back, Clap Hands
1RF touch toe right side
&RF step centre
2LF touch toe left side
&LF step centre
3RF stomp forward
&RF+LF swivel both heels forward
4RF+LF swivel both heels back centre
5RF kick forward
&RF step next to LF
6LF touch left heel forward
&LF step next to RF
7RF touch right toe behind LF
&clap hands
8clap hands

Diagonal Shuffles R and L, ½ Pivot Turns Twice
9RF step diagonal right forward
&LF step behind RF
10RF step diagonal right forward
11LF step diagonal left forward
&RF step behind LF
12LF step diagonal left forward
13RF step forward
14LF ½ turn left, step forward
15RF step forward
16LF ½ turn left, step forward
*** restart : in wall 2(3:00), in wall 4 (6:00)

Skate steps R-L in place, Shuffle diagonal R, Shuffle L with ¼ turn, Shuffle R with a ¼ turn
17RF skate diagonal right
18LF skate diagonal left
19RF step diagonal forward
&LF step behind RF
20RF step diagonal forward
21LF ¼ turn left, step forward
&RF step behind LF
22LF step forward
23RF ¼ turn left, step right side
&LF step next to RF
24RF step right side

Skate step L-R, Shuffle diagonal L, Step ¼ turn right, ½ Pivot turn right, Jump
25LF skate diagonal left
26RF skate diagonal right
27LF step diagonal forward
&RF step next to left
28LF step diagonal forward
29RF ¼ turn right, step side forward
30LF step forward
31RF ½ turn right, step forward
32RF +LF Jump forward

(optional: jump twice at the end
31RF ½ turn right, step forward
&RF+LF Jump forward
32RF+LF Jump in place)

After wall 8: little addition or pause (6:00)
1count HOLD
2yell HEY !

* & smile while you start dancing


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