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Texas Hold 'Em

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Low Intermediate
Dewi Wulandari (INA) - March 2024
TEXAS HOLD 'EM - Beyoncé
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Section 1 Brush,Hook,Chasse R & L
1 2R bruss,R hook
3&4R side,L beside R,R side
5 6L brush,L hook
7&8L side,R beside L,L side

Section 2 Elektric Kick, Heel Dig
1 2R forward, L kick Forward
3 4L back, R close beside L
5 6R back, touch L heel forward
7 8Step L in place, touch R back

Section 3 Pivot 1/4 2x, Stomp R L , Side Rock
1 2R forward turn 1/4 to L
3 4R forward turn 1/4 to L
5 6R stomp, L stomp beside R
7 8R side, recover on L

Section 4 Run,RLR,Run LRL, Back ,Touch, Back, Touch
1&2Run forward RLR
3&4Run forward LRL
5 6R back, L touch beside R
7 8L back, R touch beside L

Restart on Wall 2 after 20 count

Section 1 :Grapevine,RollingVine
1 2R side,L cross behind R
3 4R side, L touch beside R
5 6Turn 1/4 to L,R forward, turn 1/2 to L,R back,
7 8Turn 1/4 to L, L side, R touch beside L

Section 2: Paddle Turn,Rocking Chair
1 2R forward turn 1/4 to L,
3 4R forward turn 1/4 to L
5 6R forward recover on L
7 8R back , recover on L

Section 3 Cross Over, Side Touch R L, Cross Behind ,Side Touch
1 2R cross over L, L side touch
3 4L cross over L, R side touch
5 6R cross behind L, L side touch
7 8L cross behind R, R side touch

Section 4 Hip Roll to R & to L, Sweep, Point,Hold
1 2Hip Roll to R
3 4Hip Roll to L
5 & 6R sweep slighlty behind L,turn 1/2 to R,L Pont to side
7 8Hold with click/ snap

Happy Dancing.

Last Update: 12 Mar 2024


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Dedew March 13, 2024
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