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Norm's Shuffle (P)

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Intermediate Pattern Partner
Tom Daly (USA) - March 2024
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Tempo - Matteo Bocelli
Honky Tonkin' About - The Reklaws & Drake Milligan
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Dance starts with single hand hold. Man on inside and Lady on outside.
Opposite footwork throughout. Man’s footwork is described

(1-8) Step Lock, Right Shuffle, Step Forward L, Turn ¼ Right, Cross shuffle L,R,L
1-2Step forward R, lock L behind R
3&4Shuffle forward R, L, R
5-6Step forward L, Turn ¼ R stepping R (Man facing OLD, Lady facing ILOD) (Double hand hold)
7&8Cross L over R, step side R, cross the L over R 

(9-16) Side Rock, Recover, Behind, Side, Cross, Walk L, R (3/4 turn), Left Shuffle
1-2Rock side R, recover L
3&4Cross R behind L, step side L, cross R over L
5-6Turn ¼ turn L stepping on back on L (RLOD), Turn 3/4 turn R stepping forward R (facing LOD) (if you do not finish the turn, use the shuffle to finish it)
(5-6 easy option) Turn ¼ L stepping L, Step R forward
7&8Finish turn Shuffling forward LOD L, R, L 

(17-24) Heel Switches and Shuffles
1&2&Present R heel, quickly step on R, present L heel, Step on L
3&4Shuffle forward R, L, R
5&6&Present L heel, quickly step on L, present R heel, Step on R
7&8Shuffle forward L, R, L

(25-32) Right Rocking Chair, Right Jazz Box
1-2Rock forward on right, Replace weight on L
3-4Rock back on right, Replace weight on L
5-6Cross R over L, Step back L
7-8Step side R, Step forward L

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Last Update: 15 Jun 2024


Quickshivers March 22, 2024
Yeeeeeeah buddy! Love it.

Quickshivers March 22, 2024
This is Keith by the way. LOL

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