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More Than a Woman

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Raymond Sarlemijn (NL) - March 2024
More Than a Woman - TWOPILOTS & Yann Muller
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Dedicated to HH.

Restart in ….
wall 3 after 12 counts,
wall 5 after 16 counts,
wall 8 after 12 counts.

Walk, walk, walk, walk, step touch, step touch
1, 2RF forward, LF forward.
3, 4RF forward, LF forward.
5, 6RF step right, LF touch forward.
7, 8LF step left, RF touch forward.

Walk back, walk back, walk back, walk back, hip swings, ( walk on the spot)
1, 2RF step back, LF step back.
3, 4RF step back, LF step back.
5,6,7,8Hip swing right, hip swing left repeat 5,6 or step on the spot 4x.

Out cross, out cross, ¼ monterey turn.
1, 2RF touch right, RF cross over LF.
3, 4LF touch left, LF cross forward RF.
5, 6RF touch right, ¼ turn right, RF closes LF.
7, 8LF touch left, LF touches next RF.

Diagonal lock step RF, diagonal lock step LF, rock forward, ½ turn right, walk, walk.
1&2RF diagonal forward, LF lock behind RF, RF diagonal forward.
3&4LF diagonal forward, RF lock behind LF, LF diagonal forward.
5, 6RF rock forward, recover weight LF while doing this ½ turn right, RF walk forward, LF walk forward.

Start again.

2024 2 APR 8 15 APR '24 50


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