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The Wild Things

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Chatti the Valley (ES) & Adela Ortega (ES) - March 2024
Where the Wild Things Are - Luke Combs
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Intro: 16

[1-8] WEAVE to Left, Right CROSS ROCK, Right CHASSE.
1Cross right over left foot
2Step left to left side
3Step right behind left foot
4Step left to left side
5Cross right over left foot
6Recover weight on left
7Step right to right side
&Step left beside right foot
8Step right to right side

[9-16] WEAVE to Right, Left CROSS ROCK, Left CHASSE.
1Cross left over right foot
2Step right to right side
3Step left behind right foot
4Step right to right side
5Cross left over right foot
6Recover weight on right
7Step left to left side
&Step right beside left foot
8Step left to left side

[17-24] Rigth JAZZ BOX ¼ TURN, Right & Left MAMBO CROSS.
1Cross right over left
2Step left back
3¼ turn right, step right to right side (3:00)
4Step left forward
5Step right to right side
&Recover weight on left
6Cross right over left
7Step left to left side
&Recover weight on right
8Cross left over right

[25-32] Right ROCK STEP, Right Back SHUFFLE, Left Back ROCK STEP, Left SHUFFLE.
1Step right forward
2Recover weight on left
3Step right back
&Step left back, near right
4Step right back
5Step left back
6Recover weight on right
7Step left forward
&Step right forward, near left
8Step left forward


RESTARTS: During sixth and eighth walls (6ª i 8ª) dance until count 24 and start from the beginning (you are facing at 6:00 & 12:00 respectively)

ENDING: on wall fourteenth (14ª) we started at 3:00, on counts 31&32 do the left Shuffle with ½ right turn and added a back right step for finish at 12:00.

Last Update - 26 Apr. 2024 - R1


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