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Rob McKean (CAN) - 30 March 2024
#16 Count Introduction. Start on the lyrics

Walk Forward, Mambo Forward, Walk Back, Mambo Back
1-2 3&4Walk forward R – L, rock forward on R, recover on L, step together on R
5-6 7&8Walk back L-R, rock back on L, recover on R, step together on L

Side, Slide Together, Shuffle Turn, Pivot, Shuffle
9-10Step side right, slide L beside R (weight on L)
11&12Make a ¼ turn right stepping R-L R
13-14Step forward on L, pivot ½ turn right onto R
15&16Step forward L-R-L
*Restart dance here on 4th wall

Cross, Side, Sailor Heel, Ball Cross, Turn, Coaster
17-18Cross R over L, step side left
19&20Cross R behind L, step L in place, touch R heel forward
&21-22Step together on R, cross L over R, step back on R making a ¼ turn left
23&24Step back on L, together on R, forward on L

Cross Point, Cross Point, Pivot Turn, Pivot Turn
25-26Cross R over L, point L to left
27-28Cross L over R, point R to right
29-32Step forward on R, pivot ½ turn Left, step forward on R, pivot ¼ turn left.

The tag is done at the end of the 8th sequence.
Either bump hips right twice and then left twice or roll your hips once or twice counter clock wise, then re-start at the beginning.


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