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Single Life

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Low Intermediate
Jen Ski (USA) - April 2024
We'll Break Up - Cheat Codes & Adam Doleac
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[1-8]: Side rock, Forward rock, Step back ½ turn, ¼ turn
1,2,3,4Step out to the right recover on left, step forward on right recover on left
5Step back on right
6Half turn left stepping forward on left
7Step forward on right
8¼ turn left putting weight on left

[9-16]: Knee sweep, behind and scuff, rock recover, ¼ turn step
1,2Right knee hitch, sweep right foot from front to back
3&4Right foot continues from sweep stepping behind left (3) Step out with left (&) Then scuff right foot crossing over left (4)
5,6Rock right over left and recover
7Quarter turn to right stepping forward on right
8Step forward on left

[17-24]: Charleston 2x with a ¼ turn right each time
1&2&3&4Charleston starting with right forward with a quarter turn right
5&6&7&8Charleston starting with right forward with a quarter turn right

[25-32]: Step forward with body roll, Step lock ¼ turn cross
1Step forward on right
2,3,4Bump hips back forward back, leaving weight on left at the end
5,6Step up on right lock left behind starting a ¼ turn to left
7Step out on right finishing the ¼ turn left
8Cross left over right


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