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You Gotta Hold Him

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Jen Michele (USA) - April 2024
texas hold 'em. - Nicolle Galyon
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* 1 restart on wall 7*
* 4 count tag after wall 1*

SECTION 1 - Rhumba box
1-2big step to right, step left foot next to right 12:00
3&4cha cha forward leading with right foot (step forward right, left, right) 12:00
5-6big step to left, step right foot next to left 12:00
7&8cha cha back leading with left foot (step back left, right, left) 12:00

SECTION 2 - Back touches x2. Hip bumps.
1-2step back on right diagonal, touch left toe next to right 12:00
3-4step back on left diagonal, touch right toe next to left 12:00
5&6bring right foot slightly forward as you bump hips right & right 12:00
7&8bump hips back left & left with weight transferring to left foot 12:00

SECTION 3 - Grapevine right with ¼ turn and hitch. Grapevine left with touch.
1-2step right foot to right side, step left foot behind the right 12:00
3-4step right foot to right as you turn ¼ to the right, hitch the left knee up 3:00
5-6step left foot to the left side, step right foot behind the left 3:00
7-8step left foot to the left side, touch right toe next to the left 3:00
*RESTART here on wall 7 *

SECTION 4 - Rolling grapevine right. Rolling grapevine left. (can modify to regular grapevines 😊)
1-2-3-4make a full turn going to the right as you step right, left, right, touch left (or grapevine stepping right, behind, right, touch) 3:00
5-6-7-8make a full turn going to the left as you step left, right, left, touch right (or grapevine stepping left, behind, left, touch) 3:00

*TAG here after wall 1: bump hips to sides right, left, right, left – then start over from the beginning!*

Happy Dancing!!!

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