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Lucky Lips

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In-young Choi (KOR) - April 2024
Lucky Lips - The Conquerors
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Tag: After 4wall 32count, facing (12:00) O'clock

lntro: After 32 Counts

Sec1: Back Rock, Recover, Side Chasse Right, Back Rock, Recover, Side Chasse Left
1-2Rock/Step RF Back(1), Recover LF(2)-Inplace
3&-4Side Chasse(RF-LF-RF)
5-6Rock/Step LF Back(5), Recover RF(6)-Inplace
7&-8Side Chasse(LF-RF-LF)

Sec2: Toe Heel Swivel, Hold (Suger Foot, Hold)R.L
1-2LF in-out swivel Touch RF Toe In(1), RF Heel Out(2)
3-4Step RF Cross Over LF(3), Hold(4)
5-6RF in-out swivel Touch LF Toe In(5), LF Heel Out(6)
7-8Step LF Cross Over RF(7), Hold(8)

Sec3: 1/4 Turn Right, Jazz Box
1-2Step RF Cross Over LF(1,2)
3-41/4 Turn LF Back Right Swivels RF(3,4)
5-6Step right foot side(5,6)
7-8Step LF Cross Over RF(7,8)

Sec4: Side Merengue Step×2 (R.L) 1-2 Right side, Step RF Side Step(1), Together Ball change(2)
3-4Step RF Side(3), Step LF next to RF Ball touch(4)
5-6Left side, Step LF Side step(5), Together Ball Change(6)
7-8Step LF Side(7), Step RF next to LF Ball Touch(8)

TAG: After 4wall 32count, Facing(12:00) O'clock..
K-STEP×2: Clap 👏 👏👏👏
1-2Forward RF(1)-Diagonal Right Touch LF(2)
3-4Back LF(3)-Diagonal Left Touch RF(4)
5-6Back RF(5)-Diagonal Right Touch LF(6)
7-8Forward LF(7)-Diagonal Left Touch RF(8)

** K-step: Repeat again(8count)

Ending: Side Meregue Step Right and left(8count):
Section4 Repeat...last pose..

Let's dance together...


Cona April 3, 2024
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