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Wanna Be Cool

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Forty Arroyo (USA) - April 2024
Cool - Sadie
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A Hayloft Floor Split for the Intermediate dance “Be Obnoxious” by Darran Casey & Jason Aban

Start: after 16 counts

[1 - 8] (R) Hitch, Side, In-out-in (L) Hitch, Side, In-Out-In
1-2(1) Hitch R, (2)Step R to side – sliding L toward R
3&4(3) Touch L next to R, (&) Touch L to side, (4)Touch L next to R
5-6(5) Hitch L, (6)Step L to side – sliding R toward L
7&8(7) Touch R next to L, (&) Touch R to side, (8)Touch R next to L

[9-16]: Slide & Glide with ¼ L, R & L Heel Switches, Touch, Swivel Heel
1&2(1)Step R to side, (&)Slide L next to R – weight on R, (2)Turning 1/8 to left – Step L to side.
&3(&) Slide R next to L (weight on L), (3) Step R to side
&4(&) Slide L next to R(weight on R), (4)Turning 1/8 to left - Step L to side.
5&6(5) Tap R heel forward, (&) Step R next to L, (6) Tap L heel forward
&7(&) Step L next to R, (7) Step slight forward on ball of R
&8RF – (&) Swivel heel to right, (8)Swivel heel to left
RESTART HERE – wall 2 – you’ll be at 12:00

[17-24] Press, Recover, Weave – Press, Recover, Weave
1-2(1) Press ball of R - right diagonal, pushing hips fwd, (2)Recover on L – pushing hips back
3&4(3) Cross R behind L,(&)Step L to side, (4)Cross R over L
5-6(5)Press ball of L – left diagonal - pushing hips fwd, (6)Recover on R – pushing hips back
7&8(7) Cross L behind R, (&) Step R to side, (8) Cross L over R

[25-32] Walk around ½ L, Wizards – R & L
1-4Walk around making ½ turn left - traveling in a semi-circle – stepping R, L, R, L
5,6&(5)R forward - right diagonal, (6)Lock L behind R, (&) Step R slightly forward
7,8&(7)L forward left diagonal, (8)Lock R behind L, (&)L forward left Diagonal (End at 3:00)

Ending: Starts at 6:00 – dance first 14 counts up to the heels Switches (3:00), then Step forward on R and pivot ¼ left. End at 12:00


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