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Rex Allott (UK) - April 2024
Get a Move On! - Mr. Scruff
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Intro - 24 beats
Danced to - Get A Move On ! (short version - preferably 🤔) by Mr. Scruff feat. Sneaky

S1. Modified cross rumba box R
1-3.Cross L over R, pause, step R fwd
4-6.Step L next to R, step R back, step L next to R

S2. Modified cross rumba box L
1-3.Cross R over L, pause, step L fwd
4-6.Step R next to L, step L back, step R next to L

S3. 1/4 cross turn R, step L out L, 1/4 cross turn L
1-3&Turning 1/4 R, step L over R, step R down, step L out L, return next to R
4-6.Turning 1/4 L, step R over L, step L down, step R next to L

S4. 1/4 cross turn L, step R out R, kick R fwd x 2
1-3.&Turning 1/4 L, step R over L, step L down, step R out R, return next to L
4-6.Kick R out fwd x 2, step R next to L

S5. R, L toe struts, R coaster step
1-3&.R toe strut, L toe strut
4-6.Step back on R, fwd on L, step R next to L

S6. L, R toe struts, L coaster step
1-3&.L toe strut, R toe strut
4-6.Step back on L, fwd on R, step L next to R

S7. Slow prissy steps R, L, 1/2 walking turn R
1-3&.Cross R over L, pause, L over R, pause
4-6.Turning 1/4 R, step R fwd, turning 1/4 R, step L, R

S8. R lock step fwd, L mambo step
1-3.Step R fwd, lock L behind R, step R fwd
4-6.Step fwd on L, back on R, step L next to R

Love this groove, but at 7+ minutes it was just too long for a dance. Recently discovered a short version at just over 3 minutes - bingo !

Replace 1/2 cross turn R in final S7. with R mambo step to finish short version facing fwd.

Beware; once this gets in your head it’s hard to get it out.


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