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Fiddle in the Band

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Sara B Dancin (USA) - March 2024
Fiddle in the Band - Kane Brown
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&1,2 &3,4Toe Press (R,L) Step R forward, Lean onto right foot then switch, Step L, lean then step back
&5&6&7&8Toe Touch to side (R,L,R), Stanky Knee (R) w/1/4 turn to right Touch your right foot out to side, back together, then left out to side, together, then right out, then drop knee down, pop up while turning to your right

1,2,3&4Step, Lock-Step (R,L,R,L,R) Step forward with R, L bend behind, Step R,L (behind),R
5,6,7,8Pivot turns x2 (1/2 to right with L foot) Step L foot in front and turn over right shoulder landing behind you, repeat ending up where you started)

1,2,&3&4Step (R to side), Behind (L), Step (R in place) Heel (L), Step/Ball (L down), Cross (R over L)
5,6Step (L to side), Touch (R at side of L)
&7&8Bounce Steps to R then L (jump with both feet to right side then left-landing one foot before the other- R,L,L,R)

&1&2&3Knee Pops x3 (going back) R,L,R Step back onto R foot, popping L knee up, alternate 3 times
&4Ball (L down), Cross (R over left)
5,6,7,8Full turn (over L shoulder), Hip Roll (counterclockwise- left to right)

*TAG Wall 2- After 16 counts (Pivot turns) 6:00
*4 counts- Box Jump
Jump to Right side (R,L), turn 1/4 left jump (L,R), to side 1/4 turn left (R,L), turn 1/2 L jump (L,R) Weight will be on left with R toe touch
Then RESTART at 6 o'clock (same place where tag started)

**2nd Restart Wall 4- After 1st 8 counts
This wall starts at 9 o'clock then Restart starts at 12 o'clock

Styling options: Clap 3x when lyrics say "Clap your hands" (happens a few times throughout the song)

Hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing!

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