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Summertime's Calling Me

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Susan Duncan (USA) & Charlie Bowring (UK) - April 2024
Summertime's Calling Me - The Catalinas
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Intro: 16 counts (8 seconds) Start On Lyrics

SECTION 1 Big Step Right, Drag Left, Rock Left Behind, Recover, Step Left To Side, Cross Right Behind, Triple ¼ Turn Left
1-2Big Step Right To Right Side, Drag Left Toward Right (No Weight On Left)
3-4Rock Left Behind Right, Recover On Right
5-6Step Left To Left Side, Cross Right Behind Left
7&8¼ Turn Left Stepping Forward On Left, Step Right Behind Left, Step Left Forward 9:00

SECTION 2 Walk x 2, Triple x 2, Walk x 2 (¾ Turn Left Over 8 Counts)
1-2Start ¾ Turn Left, Walk Right, Walk Left
3&4Step Right Forward, Step Left Behind Right, Step Right Forward (R,L,R)
5&6Step Left Forward, Step Right Behind Left, Step Left Forward (L,R,L)
7-8Walk Right, Walk Left (12:00) 12:00
OPTION Replace Triples With 4 Walks (R,L,R,L)

SECTION 3 Rocking Chair, ¼ Turn Left, Touch Left, Side, Touch
1-2Rock Forward On Right, Recover On Left
3-4Rock Back On Right, Recover On Left (Weight On Left)
5-6¼ Turn Left Stepping On Right, Touch Left Next To Right 9:00
7-8Step Left To Left Side, Touch Right Next To Left

SECTION 4 Right Mambo Cross, Hold, Left Mambo Cross, Hold
1-2Rock Right To Right Side (On Ball Of Foot), Recover On Left
3-4Cross Right Over Left, Hold
5-6Rock Left To Left Side (On Ball Of Foot), Recover On Right
7-8Cross Left Over Right, Hold


ENDING Dance Ends On Wall 13 After 12 Counts. Continue The Walk Around To 12:00.


Susan Duncan April 4, 2024

The song can be purchased thru the link on their website.

Thank you, Susan and Charlie!

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