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Texas Woo Hoo

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Ploy Wantanaporn (THA) - March 2024
TEXAS HOLD 'EM - Beyoncé
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Intro: 24 counts (approx. 0.13 secs) - 1 Tag! No Restart!

S1: Dorothy Step, Cross Rock, Sweep, Hitch
1-2&Step RF forward to R diagonal(1), lock LF behind R(2), step RF forward(&)
3-4&Step LF forward to L diagonal(3), lock RF behind L(4), step LF forward(&)
5-6Cross rock RF over LF(5) recover back on LF with sweeping RF behind LF ½ turn to R(6) [6:00]
7-8RF step next to LF(7), hitching L knee(8)

S2: Sway, Stomp, ¼ Paddle turn, Touch
1-4Step LF to L side with sway hip to L,R,L(1-3), Stomp RF next to L(4)
5-7Step RF forward with 1/8 turn to L(5-6), Step RF forward with 1/8 turn to L (7) [9:00]
8R toe touch next to LF [12:00]
Tag here on wall 2

S3: Camel walk, Brush, Weave
1-4Step RF forward(1) [3:00], Slide LF behind RF with R knee pop(2), Step RF forward(3), Slide LF behind RF with R knee pop(4)
5&6&Bend Right knee and lift RF place over L knee (5), Brush RF with toe to the floor(&), Bend Right knee and lift RF place behind L knee(6), Right heel to right side(&)
7&8RF cross behind LF(7), LF step to L side(&), RF cross over LF(8) [12:00]

S4: Rock & Recover, Weave, Paddle ½ turn
1-2Step LF to L side(1), Recover weight to RF(2)
3&4LF cross behind RF(3), RF step to R side(&), LF cross over RF(4) [12:00]
5-6Step RF forward with ¼ turn to L[9:00]
7-8Step RF forward with ¼ turn to L[6:00]

(Styling option for Paddle turn: Roll hip in a circle to L and Roll R arm upward in a circle to L)

Tag: After 16 counts on wall 2 [12:00]
1-4½ turn jump to R with both hands place next to cheek roll to R in a circle act like a shout :D



AllieD April 24, 2024
That is SO pretty !!

ploy May 5, 2024
Thank you so much.🥰🥰🥰

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