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Hold On Texas

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Karla Carter-Smith (CAN) - April 2024
TEXAS HOLD 'EM - Beyoncé
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24 Count intro, No Tags, No Restarts

This song does have the potential for restarts, I chose not to do them as this is for my Absolute Beginner classes and found leaving them out did not affect the dance.
Tip: The music changes at the end of the song, continue dancing at the same pace for the rest of the dance. Also to keep the country feel to the dance you can hook your thumbs in your belt buckles elbows out to your sides as you do the dance, if you don’t have buckles, you can pretend, Have fun with it!

Step, Touch, Step, Kick, Slow Coast with a scuff
1,2,3,4Step forward on right foot(1), touch left toe behind right heel(2), step back on left foot(3), kick right foot forward(4)
5,6,7,8Step back on right foot(5), step left foot beside right foot(6), step right foot forward(7), scuff left foot forward(8) 12:00
Styling option: On count 2, tip your head down and bring your right hand up to your forehead as if you were tipping your cowboy hat, (see demo video)

Box step with a touch, Step Lock, Step Lock Step
9,10,11,12Cross left foot over right foot stepping down(1), Step back on Right foot(2), Step slightly back on left foot to left side(3), touch right toe in front of Left toe(4)
13,14Step forward on Right foot(5), cross left foot behind right heel stepping down on left(6)
15&16Step forward on right foot(7), cross left foot behind right heel stepping down on left(&), Step forward on Right foot(8) 12:00
Styling option: On count 12, bend your knees when you touch your right toe beside the left toe as if you are doing a forward curtsy, again keeping with the country theme.

½ pivot right, Step Hitch(slap), Side Step Slap, Side Step Slap
17,18,19,20Step left foot forward(1), turn ½ right putting weight forward on to the right foot(2), Step forward on left foot(3), hitch right leg and slap right foot with left hand(4)
21,22,23,24Step right foot to right side(5), flick left foot behind right leg at knee level and slap left foot with your right hand(6), step left foot to left side(7), flick right foot behind left leg at knee level and slap right foot with left hand(8) 6:00

Right vine with a heel, Left vine with a ¼ left hitch
25,26,27,28Right foot to right side(1), Left foot cross behind right step down(2), right foot to right side(3), touch left heel to left side with toe pointed up(4)
29,30,31,32Left foot to left side(5), right foot cross behind left step down(6),turn ¼ left stepping down on left(7), hitch right knee(8) 3:00
Styling option: On count 32, bend your right arm at the elbow and swing it down and up to your shoulder in a quick motion, as if you are saying, YESSS!

Ending to face 12:00
Last wall starts facing 12:00, do the first 18 counts as normal, then a small change is made on count 19, 20 to face the front

Step ½ Right, touch Left heel forward
19, 20Step forward on left foot turn a ½ turn right as if you are doing a ½ turn pivot keep your weight on your left foot(1), touch your right heel forward and slightly to the right(2)

Repeat, Have Fun!

Last Update - 12 Apr. 2024 - R1


dancingvegan April 30, 2024
Perfect, just what I needed for an event this week. I thought I was going to have to choreograph a dance and I can’t stand this music. I’m sure to be asked for it though…
Thank you for posting this!!!

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