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Charlotte Steele (SA) - April 2024
Weerkaats - Jennifer Zamudio
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“Weerkaats” is an Afrikaans word meaning “reflects”.

The dance is dedicated to Machelle du Plessis, in memory of her beloved husband, John.

Intro: Start on main vocals, 8 counts after start of heavy beat. NO TAGS OR RESTARTS.

Sec.1 Rock Forward-Recover. Pivot 1/2 Turn. Shuffle Forward. Repeat Mirror Image.
1-2Rock/step forward on R, recover back on L
3&4Pivot ½ right on ball of L and step forward on R, step L next to R, step R forward (6:00)
5-6Rock/step forward on L, recover back onto R
7&8Pivot ½ left on ball of R and step forward on L, step R next to L, step L forward (12:00)

Sec.2 R Side Rock-Recover. Cross Shuffle RLR. Weave Left.
1-2Rock/step R to right side, recover onto L
3&4Cross step R over L, small step L to left side, cross step R over L
5-6Step L to left side, step R behind L
7-8Step L to left side, cross R over L (12:00)

Sec.3 L Side Rock-Recover. Cross Shuffle LRL. 3/4 Turn Left. Shuffle Forward RLR.
1-2Rock/step L to left side, recover onto R
3&4Cross L over R, small step R to right side, cross step L over R (12:00)
5-6Step R to right side making ¼ turn left (9:00), turn ½ left on ball of R and step forward on L (3:00)
7&8Step R forward, step L next to R, step R forward (3:00)

Sec.4 L Step-Touch. R Kick-Ball-Change. R Step-Touch. L Coaster Step.
1-2Step L to left side, touch/tap R next to L
3&4Kick R forward, step R next to L while slightly lifting L, step L in place (weight onto L)
5-6Step R to right side, touch/tap L next to R
7&8Step L back, step R next to L, step L forward (weight onto L) (3:00)

Start Again

Dance ends with the drum roll on count 17 (start of Sec.3) on Wall 12 facing 9:00.
To end the dance facing 12:00, on count 16 (end of Sec.2) cross R over L and unwind a 3/4 turn left.


Last Update: 18 April 2024


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