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Night Train To My Baby

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Karen Makin (AUS) - April 2024
Night Train - Rod Stewart & Jools Holland
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Intro: 16 counts - No Tags or Restarts

Section 1: R side toe strut, L cross toe strut, R chasse, L back rock/ recover
1-2Touch R toes to R side, step R down
3-4.Crossing L over R touch L toes, step L down
5&6.Step R side, step L together, step R side
7-8.Rock L back, recover weight on R

Section 2: L side toe strut, R cross toe strut, L chasse, R back rock/ recover
1-2.Touch L toes to L side, step L down
3-4.Crossing R over L touch R toes, step R down
5&6.Step L side, step R together, step L side
7-8.Rock R back, recover weight on L

Section 3: K- step
1-2Step R fwd to R diagonal, touch L beside R
3-4.Step L back to L diagonal, touch R beside L
5-6.Step R back to R diagonal,touch L beside R
7-8.Step fwd L to L diagonal, touch R beside L

Section 4: Touch, paddle 1/8, Touch, paddle 1/8, Jazz box
1-2-3-4Touch fwd R, paddle 1/8 turn L, Touch fwd R, paddle 1/8 turn L
5-6-7-8.Cross R over L, step back L, step R side, step fwd on L

Section 5: Fwd touch with shimmy’s, Back touch with shimmy’s
1-2-3-4.Step fwd R, hold, touch L beside R, hold ( with shimmy’s)
5-6-7-8.Step back L, hold, touch R beside L, hold ( with shimmy’s)

Section 6: Pivot 1/2 turn, shuffle fwd, full turn fwd, step fwd, touch
1-2Step R fwd, pivot 1/2 over L
3&4.Step R fwd, close L beside R, step R fwd
5-6.Step 1/2 turn stepping back on L, step 1/2 stepping fwd on R
7-8.Step fwd L, touch R beside L

Start Again.

Ending: Replace last 2 steps with 1/4 turn to face the front.

Karen Makin -


Heather Jayne April 19, 2024
Wow… so cool Karen 🥰. Voted 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Karen Makin April 19, 2024
Thank you sooo much. ❤️

Max5 April 20, 2024
Great dance Karen! It’s a goodie!! 🥳

Karen Makin April 20, 2024
Thankyou soo much x

Karen Makin April 21, 2024
Thankyou #Sarahchoi#Linedance for your wonderful demo. Karen x

! Lidia Ava April 21, 2024
Lovely dance from Eva

Karen Makin April 22, 2024
Thankyou for the lovely comments. Xx

Joyful Line Dance April 24, 2024
Done vote Karen, very beautiful choreo

Karen Makin April 24, 2024
Thankyou Ria Joyful Linedancers for a fantastic demo and teach, glad you like it. Karen ❤️

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