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Texas Hold 'Em Surprise

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Sandi Kellerblock (NOR) - April 2024
TEXAS HOLD 'EM - Beyoncé
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Intro: 24 counts, start on vocals
Restart/tag after 16 counts (12o'clock): change last "heel" to a R touch beside L, do a hiproll anticlock-wise from L, restart.
Last wall (3 o'clock); after 30 counts, turn L, step L forward, scuff R.

S1: Diagonal R, heelbounce, diagonal L, heelbounce
1-2Step R diagonal forward, step L behind R
3-4Heelbounce x 2
5-6Step L diagonal forward, step R behind L
7-8Heelbounce x 2

S2 1/2 pivot, 1/4 pivot, heelswitches
1-2Step R forward, pivot 1/2 to L
3-4Step R forward, pivot 1/4 to L
5&6&R heel forward, step R back, L heel forward, step L back
7-8R heel forward x 2

S3 R & L dorothy, toestrut, 1/2 pivot, toestrut
1,2&Step R diagonal, lock L behind R, step R diagonal R
3,4&Step L diagonal, lock R behind L, step L diagonal L
5-6Touch R toe forward, drop R heel, 1/2 pivot L
7-8Touch L toe forward, drop L heel

S4 Vine R, touch, vine L scuff
1-2Step R foot R, step L behind R
3-4Step R foot R, touch L beside R
5-6Step L foot to L, step R behind L
7-8Step L to L, scuff R beside L

Just Linedance, Trondheim :)

Last Update – 18 Apr. 2024 – R1


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