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Queen Of The Road

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Sabrina Deike (DE) & Klaus Deike-Maier (DE) - May 2024
Cousin Jude - Jayne Denham
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Dance starts after 16 Counts after Music start

Section 1: Triple Lock Step fwd, Rock Step, Coaster Step, Step ½ turn
1&2,Step RF fwd, Cross LF behind RF, Step RF fw
3,4Step LF fwd, Recover back on RF
5&6Step LF back, close RF next to LF, Step LF fwd,
7,8Step RF fwd ½ turn L, Recover on LF

Section 2: Step ¼ turn, Cross side cross, Side Rock, behind side cross
1,2,Step RF fwd ¼ turn L, Recover on LF
3&4Step RF cross over LF, Step LF side, Step RF over LF
5,6Step LF side, Recover on RF
7&8Step LF behind RF, Step RF side, Step LF cross over RF

Section 3: 2x Toe Heel Step, Step fwd, Touch behind, Step back, hook, Step ¼ turn,
1&2,RF Toe, Heel, Step,
3&4LF Toe, Heel, Step
5&6&Step RF fwd, LF Touch behind RF, Step LF back, Hook RF cross LF
7,8Step RF fwd ¼ turn L, Recover on LF

Section 4: Step ¼ turn, Run Run Run, Step ¼ turn cross, Side Rock
1,2,Step RF fwd ¼ turn L, Recover on LF
3&4Step RF fwd, Step LF fwd, Step RF fwd
5&6,Step LF fwd ¼ turn R, Recover on RF, Step LF cross over RF
7,8Step RF side, Recover on LF

Section 5: 2 x Sailor Step, Press line fwd, hold, body roll back, Step back
1&2,Cross RF behind LF, Step LF slightly to side L, Step RF to side R
3&4Cross LF behind RF, Step RF slightly to side R, Step LF to side L
5,6,Step RF fwd Ball of the Food with pressure, Hold
7,8Body Roll Back on LF, Step RF back

Section 6: Run Run Run back, Rock Step back, Step Sweep, Step Sweep ¼ turn L
1&2,Step LF back, Step RF back, Step LF back
3,4Step RF back, Recover fwd on LF
5,6,Step RF fwd, Sweeping LF
7,8Step LF fwd, Sweeping RF ¼ turn L


RESTART: WALL 5 after 40 Counts (Section 5 after second Sailor Step – facing 12:00) start again

ENDING: Wall 8 after 22 Counts (Section 3 after Step back hook) instead of Step ¼ turn do 2 walks fwd, Step fwd RF sweeping LF ¼ turn R (12:00)



Alfonso May 9, 2024
What a fantastic Song.
I love the choreography, it fits the music perfectly and it is so varied.

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