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Rafaela Bizjak (DE) - April 2024
Austin - Dasha
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Intro: 32 Counts

Phrasing – no Tags, no Restarts

S1: Walk R, Walk L, ¾ Shuffle turn left, Step L ¼ turn, Step R, ¼ Pivot right
1-2Walk r, Walk l
3&4Step fwd r with ¼ turn left, close with l while doing ¼ turn left, and step fwd while doing a ¼ turn left (3h)
5-6Step l with ¼ turn left, Step r (12h)
7-8Step fwd with l and do a ¼ turn right (3h)

S2: Cross L over R, Step right R, Step L behind R, Step right R, Cross L over R, Siderock right, Siderock left
1-2Cross your left foot over your right foot, Step to the right with r
3&4Step l behind r, Step to the right with r, Cross l over r
5-6&Rock r to right side, recover weight on to left, close right to left
7-8Rock l to left side, recover weight on to right

S3: Rock fwd L, Sailor step left ½ turn, Step Hold R, Step Hold L
1-2Step fwd l recover weight on r
3&4Place l behind r with ½ turn, Step side right, Step side left (9h)
5-6Step fwd r, hold, clap your hands once while hold
7-8Step fwd l, hold, clap your hands twice while hold

S4: Rock fwd recover L, Step back R, Swingstep back L, Swingstep back R, Coaster Step L, Sway RL
1&2Step fwd r, Rock back on l, Step back on r
3-4Step back l with a half circle swing, Step back right with a half circle swing
5&6Step bwd with l, close with r, Step fwd with l
7-8Step to the right with r and sway to the right side and then sway to the left side staying on place with your feet

Rafaela Bizjak, Germany
Links: [bfl_jff@web.del] []


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