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Turn Up the Night

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Jace Hinton (USA) & Michelle Wright (USA) - May 2024
Miles on It - Kane Brown & Marshmello
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Dance starts 32 counts in on the word “Miles”

Section 1: Forward point, Side point, Ball point, Hold w/ clap, Ball Walk RL, Shuffle
1,2Point R forward, Point R to R side
&3,4Step R next to L, Point L to L side, Hold and clap
&5,6Step L next to R, Step R forward, Step L forward
7&8Step R forward, step L next to R, Step R forward

Section 2: Forward rock, ¼ side rock, Sailor, Weave
1,2Rock L forward, recover on R
3,4¼ turn L rocking L to L side, Recover on R (9:00)
5&6Cross L behind R, Step R to R side, Step L to L side
7&8Cross R behind L, Step L to L side, Cross R over L

Section 3: Side drag, Ball, Cross, ¼, Scuff, Cross, Back, Together, Step
1,2Big step L to L side, Drag R into L
&3,4Step R next to L, Cross L over R, ¼ turn R stepping R forward (12:00)
5,6Scuff L heel forward, Cross L over R
&78Step R back, Step L next to R (Slightly pushing hips back), Step R forward

Section 4: ½ pivot, Shuffle, Full turn, ¼ side rock
1,2Step L forward, ½ pivot R putting weight on R (6:00)
3&4Step L forward, Step R next to L, Step L forward
5,6½ turn L stepping R back, ½ turn L stepping L forward (6:00)
7,8¼ turn L rocking R to R side, Recover on L (3:00)

Ending: Final wall is wall 10. Starts facing 3:00 ends facing 6:00 Do all 32 counts then add on the following: ½ pivot,Hold, Out, Out
1,2Step R forward, ½ pivot L putting weight on L (12:00)
3&4Hold, Step R slightly in to R forward diagonal, Step L slightly in to L forward diagonal

End of dance! Any questions email:


Bosslady May 6, 2024
Love this

Michelle Wright May 6, 2024
Thank you so much!!

DeBossE May 9, 2024

Michelle Wright May 9, 2024
Thank you

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