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Would I Lie

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Easy Intermediate
Jun Andrizal (INA), Arra (INA) & Sofyan Anas (INA) - May 2024
Would I Lie to You - Charles & Eddie : (Sped Up)
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Restart On Wall 2 & 4 after 16c (Facing 12.00)
Tag On Wall 6 after 16c (V-STEP)-(Facing 12.00)

S.1 : Forward-1/2 turn R-Coaster step-StepLock-Forward Shuffle
1-2Step RF frwd-1/2 turn R,weight on LF (facing 06.00)
3 & 4Step RF to back-Close LF beside R-Step RF Frwd
5-6Step LF frwd-Lock RF behind L
7 & 8Step LF frwd-Step RF behind L-Step RF frwd

S.2 : Front Rock-Recover-Tripel Step-Step Back L/R-Coaster Step
1-2Step RF to frwd-Recover to L
3 & 4½ turn R step RF frwd-Step LF in place-1/2 turn R step RF frwd (facing 06.00)
5-6Step LF to back with R toe out-Step RF to back with L toe out
7 & 8Step LF to back-Close RF beside L-Step LF to frwd
***Restart Here on wall 2-4 & 6***

S.3 : Brush-Step Forward- ½ turn L,Heel Bounce
1-2-3-4-5-6Brush RF-Step RF frwd- Brush LF-Step LF frwd-Brush RF-Step RF frwd
7-8½ turn L Heel Bounce (facing 12.00)

S.4 : Step Side-Hold-HipBum/Shoulder
1-2Step RF to Side-Hold
3 & 4Hipbum R-L-R or Shoulder
5-6¼ turn L,step LF to side-Hold (Facing 09.00)
7 & 8Hipbum L-R-L or Shoulder

S.5 : Diagonal bigstep R/L-1/4 turn with Toe
1-2Step RF Diagonal frwd (facing 10.30)-Close LF beside R
3 & 4¼ turn L with Toe
5-6Step LF Diagonal frwd (facing 07.30)-Close RF beside L
7 & 8¼ turn R with Toe

S.6 : Front Rock-Recover-1/8 turn R Sailor-Cross Shuffle-Scissor Step step-Side & Heel
1-2Step RF to frwd-Recover to L
3&4&51/8 turn R Cross RF behind L-Step LF to L side-Cross RF over L (facing 12.00)-Step LF to side-Cross RF over L
6&7&8Step LF to L Side-Close RF beside L-Cross LF over R-Step RF to R side-Heel LF frwd

S.7 : Ball cross-Recover-1/4 turn Chasse R-Pivot ½ turn R-1/4 turn R with L Chasse
& 1-2Ballstep LF beside R-Cross Rock RF-Recover to L
3 & 4Step RF to R side-Close LF beside R-1/4 turn R step RF frwd (Facing 03.00)
5-6Step LF frwd-1/2 turn R weight on R (facing 09.00)
7 & 8¼ turn R,Step LF to L Side-Close RF beside L-Step LF to side (Facing 12.00)

S.8 : Sailor step R/L-1/2 Sailor Turn-Shuffle Forward & Flick
1 & 2Cross RF behind L-Step LF to L side-Step RF in place
3 & 4Cross LF behind R-Step RF to R side-Step LF in place
5 & 6½ turn R cross RF behind L-Step LF to L side-Step RF to frwd (Facing 06.00)
7 & 8Step LF to frwd-Step RF behind L-Step LF frwd with RF flick

Dancing with your heart

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