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Hammer To The Heart

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Crazy Chris Adams (UK) - May 2024
Hammer to the Heart - Teddy Swims
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S1: R Toe Strut, L Side Shuffle, & Touch Back, Shuffle Back
1,2Touch R Toe To R Side, Drop Heel,
3&4Step L To L Side, Step R Beside L, Step L To L Side,
&5,6Step R Across L Towards L Diagonal, Touch L Behind R, Step L Back,
7&8Step R Back, Step L Beside R, Step R Back.
(Note: Counts &5,6 7&8 are all towards the left Diagonal corner)

S2: Rock Recover, Shuffle ½, Back Touch x2, & Touch & Recover
1,2Rock L Back, Recover Onto R,
3&4Make A ½ Turn R Stepping L Back, Step R Beside L, Step L Back,
&5&6Step R Back, Touch L Beside R, Step L Back, Touch R Beside L,
&7&8Step R Back Squaring Up 1/8 R, Touching L To L Side, Step L Beside R, Touch R Beside L. (6)

S3: Side Rock, Cross Shuffle, Side Rock, Behind Side Cross
1,2Rock R To R Side, Recover Onto L,
3&4Cross R Over L, Step L To L Side, Cross R Over L,
5,6Rock L To L Side, Recover Onto R,
7&8Step L Behind R, Step R To R Side, Cross L Over R. (6)

S4: Charleston Step, Coaster Step, R Shuffle Forward, Step ¾ Step
1,2Touch R Toe Forward, Step R Back,
3&4Step L Back, Step R Beside L, Step L Forward,
5&6Step R Forward, Step L Beside R, Step R Forward,
7&8Step L Forward, ½ Turn R Stepping Onto R, ¼ Turn R Stepping L To L Side. (3)

Tag: End Of Wall 7 Facing 9pm, Repeat Section 4 Finishing On Back Wall To Start Again.

Ending: During Wall 10 Dance Up To Section 4 Counts 5&6 And Finish With Step ½ Turn Step To Finish On Front Wall.

Have Fun Go Crazy
Love Chris xXx



Ged Weir May 19, 2024
The dance and the music are perfect together….loved learning it today 🙂

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