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Dustin Valcalda (USA) & Sierra Gil (USA) - May 2024
Intro: 32 Counts – Weight starts left foot

[1-8] Step, Sweeping Scuff, Step, Sweeping Scuff, Rocking Chair
1-2Step RF forward, Scuff LF forward around RF (12:00)
3-4Step LF forward, Scuff RF forward around LF (12:00)
5-6Rock RF forward, Recover weight LF (12:00)
7-8Rock RF back, Recover weight LF (12:00)

[9-16] Walk, Walk, Kick Ball Step, ¼ Pivot, ¼ Pivot
1-2Walk RF forward, Walk LF forward (12:00)
3&4Kick RF forward, Ball RF slightly forward, Step LF forward (12:00)
5-6Step RF forward, Pivot ¼ L weight recovering LF (9:00)
7-8Step RF forward, Pivot ¼ L weight recovering LF (6:00)
Restart Note: Restart happens here 16 counts into wall 4

[17-24] Cross, Side, Behind, Side Point, Cross, Side, Behind, Side Point
1-2Cross RF over LF, Step LF to L Side (6:00)
3-4Cross RF behind LF, Point LF to L side (6:00)
5-6Cross LF over RF, Step RF to R side (6:00)
7-8Cross LF behind RF, Point RF to R side (6:00)
Styling Note: During the chorus, on counts 1-4, begin reaching your right hand up for a 'bottle off the shelf' and take a drink on count 4!

[25-32] ¼ Jazz Box, Stomp, Stomp, Hip Sways
1-2Cross RF over LF, Step LF diagonal back w/ 1/8 turn R (7:30)
3-4Step RF to R side w/ 1/8 turn R, Step LF forward (9:00)
5-6Stomp RF slightly R, Stomp LF slightly L (9:00)
7-8Sway Hips to R, Sway hips to L (9:00)

Note: This dance can also be done in sweetheart position with a partner!  Check out our Sweetheart Demo to see how its done!

Last Update: 15 May 2024

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Patsey May 11, 2024
Great teach! Love it.

Sierra Gil May 12, 2024
Thank you, Patsey!!

Rose6562 May 17, 2024
I'm taught it Wednesday night and will also be teaching it to my Saturday class tomorrow! Great job! Trevor Thornton was at our club Wednesday night and took the class then came up to get a shot of the stepsheet. He'll be teaching it also.

Patsey May 17, 2024
How cool is that - Trevor Thornton teaching your dance!

DJ DVious May 17, 2024
@Rose6562 that's amazing, thank you for teaching it! Awesome to have it on Trevor's radar too :D

Sierra Gil May 19, 2024
Thank you so much, Rose!!

ChaosCrewLineDance May 19, 2024
Great dance! Thanks for all the fun dances. Can’t wait until the next one! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sierra Gil May 20, 2024
Thank you so much, CCLineDance!! We appreciate it! 🥰

Dan Moon May 23, 2024
Doesn't feel like it fits the vibe of the song. Steps are too slow for the tempo of the song!

DJ DVious May 24, 2024
@Dan Moon our goal was a beginner dance. May not be everybodies cup of tea. Steps are on tempo, and we are happy with what we came up with as others appear to be as well. Luckily others have made higher difficulty versions for those seeking more variety.

SleevelessinTX May 28, 2024
I love the dog fur-photobombing the choreographers' videos! Love the dance too!

DJ DVious May 28, 2024
@SleevelessinTX We have to include him somehow in all our demos now. He's a star in his own right! Thank you for checking out our dance :)

dancer33 May 29, 2024
What a cute little dance xx it’s caught the fun aspect of the track and the tempo of the footwork is perfect a sure floor filler .
Great job it’s on my teach list here in the uk

Sierra Gil May 29, 2024
Dancer33, we are so glad you enjoy it!! Thank you so much for your support, and we hope your teach goes well!! :-)

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