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Low Intermediate
Kevin Machak (USA) - May 2024
Restart: Wall 4 after 16 counts

Counts 1 -8:
1, 2Double kick right foot twice
3&4Step right back, step left back, step right forward (coaster step)
5, 6Put your left heel forward turning it from right to left, turning whole body with it 1/4 turn (now facing 9:00)
7&8Step left back, step right back, step left forward (coaster step)

Counts 9-16:
1, 2Rock right foot forward, recover left
3&4Shuffle right-left-right while turning half turn to right (3:00)
5&6Shuffle left-right-left while turning half to right (back to the 9:00)
7, 8Rock back on the right foot, recover left
*Restart here during the 4th wall, should be facing the 6:00.

Counts 17-24:
1, 2Hinge turn 1/4 left , stepping right foot to the right side (6:00), step left foot behind right
&3&4Step right foot to the right side & tap your left heel out to the left, step on that left, cross over left with your right
5, 6step your left foot to the left while making 1/4 turn to right (9:00), Make another, immediate 1/4 turn also to the right, as you step right foot out to right side (12:00)
7 & 8Turn another final 1/4 turn right, as you shuffle forward, left-right-left (3:00)
So essentially from count 4, you have a 3/4 turn, ending on a left shuffle

Counts: 25 - 32
1, 2Step right foot forward, touch/ point left foot to left side
3, 4Step left foot forward, touch/ point right foot to the right side
5, 6, 7, 8Stomp your right foot (but keep wait on your left) as you make a 1/4 turn to the left…four times (full paddle turn)
*Alternate last four counts: Just stomp in place 4x without doing the turns, making it slightly easier

Last Update: 14 May 2024


Rell May 21, 2024
Video is terrible. All you can hear is heavy foot steps. Also can’t hear the music

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