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I'm Mama

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Regina Hayes (USA) - May 2024
Mama - Kim Walker-Smith
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[1-8] Fwd Rock, switch, Fwd Rock, switch, side rock, behind side cross
1, 2&3, 4&R rock fwd, rec L, step R by L, L rock fwd, rec R, step L by R
5, 6, 7&8R rock to R side, rec L, R step behind L, L step to L, R cross in front

[9-16] Toe switches, heel switches, side rock, sailor fwd step
1&2&3&4&Tap L toe out, step tog, tap R toe out, step tog, L heel fwd, step tog, R heel fwd, step tog
5, 6, 7&8L rock to L, rec R, L step behind R, R step to R, L step slightly fwd

[17-24] Step drag R/L, diag back step touches x4
1, 2, 3, 4R step diag, drag L to touch by R, L step diag, drag R to touch by L
Restart here, Wall 6
5&6&7&8&Step R diag back, touch L by R, Step L diag back, touch R by L (repeat)

[25-32] Rock back hitch, fwd toe swivel, step fwd, together, heel bounce ¼ L
1, 2, 3&4&Rock R back, rec L, touch R ball fwd, swivel heel out & in, step on R
5, 6, 7, 8L Step fwd, R Step by L, heel bounce ¼ L (or hop turning ¼ L on 7&8)

Restart wall 6 after 20 counts (the step drags)
Optional ending, wall 7: heel bounce ¼ R (instead of L), stomp fwd

Last Update - 13 May 2024 - R1


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