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I Had Some Help (P)

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Beginner Partner
Harold Deiters (USA) & Jennifer Demeo (USA) - May 2024
Dance starts 32 counts after intro.

To start: Partners start facing each other and holding hands. Leads facing OSLOD, follows facing ISLOD.

Steps below are for Lead with Follow doing opposite.

[1-8]: Lindy left, Lindy right -
1&2Shuffle LRL to left side
3-4Rock back on R behind L (left hand is holding Follow right hand with right arm extending out when rocking back), recover forward on L
5&6Shuffle RLR to right side
7-8Rock back on L behind R (right hand is holding Follow left hand with left arm extending out when rocking back), recover forward on R (should end facing FLOD)

[9-16]: Shuffle Forward (2x) and two half turns, step touch -
1&2Facing forward line of dance, shuffle LRL and
5-8half turn over right stepping back on L then continue turn over right shoulder stepping R (will make it a full turn) step L touch R next to L
Restart here on 4th wall. With step 16 instead of touch R next to Left, step R next to L and then start dance with quarter turn right as you restart with Lindy to the left.

[17-24] : Vine Right, Vine Left (option rolling vines) the Follow will cross in front of the Lead both ways -
1-4Step R to right side step L behind R step R to right side and touch L next to R
5-8Step L to left side step R behind L step L to left side touch R next to L

[25-32] : 1/2 turn, 1/4 turn, sway, sway, sway, touch-
1-2Step R 1/2 turn pivot over left shoulder
3-4Step R 1/4 turn pivot left facing Follow and grab hands
5-8Sway right left right and touch L next to R (end with weight on R and L is light ready to restart the dance)

One restart: after 16 count on 4th wall you will restart by making a quarter turn right and starting the Lindy left.

Have fun and dance on!


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