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The Farmer

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Steve Carlson (USA) - May 2024
Farmer - Coffey Anderson
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Sequence: TAG1 A B A B A C D A B A B A C D TAG2 A C D A Ending Tag

[ First Tag ] 16 Counts on intro starting at 15 second music mark, after “Yeah!”
12345678Right bounce push with Guitar strum 8X followed by,
1, 2, 3&4Right cross over left, Left out, Right cross over left, step back left, step back right
5, 6, 7&8Left cross over right, right out, left cross over right, step back right, step back left

( Part A ) 8 Counts
1 & 2, 3456 7&8Natural ¼ turn Right toe heel stomp Boogie step L, R, L, R, Left rock step & recover ¼ turn (natural)

(Part B) 8 Counts
1, 2, 3, 4Perform slide to right oblique. Right heel swivel out, left heel swivel out,
5 & 6 7, 8left lean and bounce 3X with arm wave ( Hand brush for getting paid for style & flair). Right swivel out and left heel swivel out with natural ¼ turn to the right.

( Part C )
123&4Natural ¼ Right and perform slide to right oblique taking hat off with the left arm, right hand point up to the
5 6 7 8sky while leaning back. Heel pop 2X with Right arm crank motion into leaning back on each heel pop.

( Part D ) 16 Counts
D1 123&4 Sway Right, sway L, shuffle Right, Left, Right.
567&8Sway Left, sway R, shuffle Left, Right, left.

D2 123&4 Reverse full turn and right rock step,
567&8Natural full turn and left Rock step ¼ turn facing 3 o’clock wall.

[ 2nd Tag ] : 8 Counts
1&2,3&4Right toe heel stomp, Left toe heel stomp,
5&67&8Oblique shuffle R, L, R (with horse reign hands rollin back), Oblique shuffle Left, right, left ( with horse reign hands rolling back).
1&23&45678Shuffle back Right, left, right, Shuffle back left, right, left, slow jazz box one half turn to end on 3 o’clock wall.

[ Final Tag ] 8 Counts
12345&678Dance ( Part B) with final left heel out pushed into long heel push back and dramatic finish with head tilt down and left arm key gripping tip of hat.

This is a fun song and dance with plenty of opportunity to show off attitude and style! Please post videos of this fun phrased dance if you have the opportunity. Thank you!


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