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Heat of the Summer

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Anna Molitor (DE) & Sven Köhlen (DE) - May 2024
Heat of the Moment - Thorsteinn Einarsson
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No Tags, no Restarts, just good vibes!

Intro: 2x8 Counts - Start at approximately 10 seconds on the vocals

Section 1: Chassé or Lockstep; Charleston
1&2Step RF diagonal forward, close LF to RF (or cross behind RF) Step RF diagonal forward
3&4Step LF diagonal forward, close RF to LF (or cross behind), Step LF diagonal forward
5 6Point RF in front of LF, Step RF behind (add a Sweep if you like)
7 8Point LF behind RF, Step LF forward (add a Sweep if you like)

Section 2: Toe, Heel, Step, Step turn (¼ to the right facing 3:00), Cross, Side, Behind, Shuffle (¼ to the right facing 6:00)
1&2Touch RF toe beside LF as you turn R knee in, touch RF heel into R diagonal, step onto RF
3&4Step Lf forward 1/4 turn to the right, bring back weight to RF (3:00), cross LF over RF
5 6Step RF to side, Cross LF behind RF
7&8Step RF to side, Close LF next to RF, Step RF to side, turn ¼ to the right (6:00)

Section 3: Step Turn, (½ to right facing 12:00), Shuffle forward, Jazz Box
1 2Step L forward ½ to right 12:00
3&4Step LF forward, step RF next to LF, Step LF forward
5 6Cross RF over LF, Step LF behind
7 8Step RF to side, Step LF forward

Section 4: Heel Switches, Kick Ball Change, Step, Point ¼ to the right facing (3:00), Cross Shuffle
1&2&Dig R heel forward, Step RF next to LF, dig L heel forward, Step LF next to RF
3&4Kick RF forward, pull back RF to ball of RF, settle weight on LF
5 6Step RF forward, Point LF to the side while turning ¼ to the right 3:00
7&8Cross LF in front of RF, Step RF to the side, Cross LF in front of RF


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