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Just the 2 of Us

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Beginner WCS
Lana Garonska (DE) - May 2024
Just the Two of Us - Grover Washington, Jr. with Bill Withers
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#16 count intro. Start dance on vocal
After 5 wall 1 TAG (2 counts) and start dance again.
*Restart in 6 wall

A1: 2 Steps forward R L, ¼ L step R side, L across L, ¼ R step R forward, 1/2 R turn chasse, R anchor step
1-2Step forward R, Step forward L
&3-4turn ¼ L step R side (&) (9:00), L across R (3), turn ¼ R stepping R forward (12:00)
5&6¼ turn R stepping L side (3:00), R close to L, ¼ turn R stepping L back (6:00)
7&8Step R back, recover weight to L, recover to R.

A2: Back paddle turn with L, vawe R, Back paddle turn with R, ¼ R sailor turn
1-2L side touch , L touch 1/4 turn to L [ weight on R ] (3:00)
3&4step L behind R, step R side, step L across R,
5-6R side touch , R touch 1/4 turn to R [ weight on L ] (6:00)
7&8step R behind L turn ¼ R (9:00), step L beside R, step forward.
*in 6 wall RESTART here. Replace 7-8 with rock step R back and start dance from A1.

A3: 2 Steps forward L R, Sugar push, 2 step back R L, R anchor step
1-2Step forward L, Step forward R
3&4step L forward, step R beside L, step L back
5-6step R back, step L back
7&8Step R back, recover weight to L, recover to R.

A4: ¼ turn step L side, R side touch, ¼ turn step R forward, L side touch, jazz box, 14/ L shuffle
1-2turn ¼ left stepping L side (6:00), touch R side
3-4turn ¼ R stepping R forward, touch L side
5-6step L across R, step R back
7&8¼ L shuffle turn: Step L forward, R beside L, L forward.

1- 2cross R over L, unwind ½ L (weight on L)


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