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Frankie and Johnny

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Dee Musk (UK) - May 2024
Frankie and Johnny - Rod Stewart & Jools Holland : (Album: Swing Fever.)
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#48 Count Intro. Approx 25 seconds - Track approx 3 mins 02 secs. BPM 120.
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Right Side, Kick, Left Side, Kick, Chasse Right, Back Rock, Recover.
1,2Step R to R side, kick L across R.
3,4Step L to L side, kick R across L.
5&6Step R to R side, step L beside R, step R to R side.
7,8Cross rock L behind R, recover weight to R. (12 o’clock).

Left Side, Kick, Right Side, Kick, Chasse Left, Back Rock, Recover.
1,2Step L to L side, kick R across L.
3,4Step R to R side, kick L across R.
5&6Step L to L side, step R beside L, step L to L side.
7,8Cross rock R behind L, recover weight to L. (12 o’clock).

Modified Monterey ½ Turn Right, Point, Touch, Point, Hold, Cross Point.
1,2Point R to R side, make ½ turn R stepping R beside L.
3,4Point L to L side, touch L in front of R.
5,6Point L to L side, hold count 6.
7,8Cross L over R, point R to R side. (6 o’clock).

Step Back, Sweep, Step Back, Sweep, Step Back, Touch, Step, Brush.
1,2Step back on R, sweep L to behind R.
3,4Step back on L, sweep R to behind L.
5,6Step back on R, touch L in front of R.
7,8Step forward on L, brush R forward. (6 o’clock).

Rocking Chair, V-Step.
1-4Rock forward R, recover weight to L, rock back R, recover weight to L.
5-8Step diagonally out R, step diagonally out L, step back on R, step L beside R. (6 o’clock).

Jump Forward Right, Jump Forward Left, Hold, Jump Back Right, Jump Back Left, Hold, Sway Hips, R, L, R, L.
&1,2Travelling forward step out R, step out L, hold (feet are shoulder-width apart).
&3,4Travelling back step back R, step back L, hold (feet are shoulder-width apart).
5-8Sway hips R, L, R, L. (6 o’clock).



Silvi Laurent May 17, 2024

Stitches May 23, 2024
Love this dance! Will be teaching it soon!

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