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Flowery Heart

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Rex Chuan (USA) - May 2024
The Flowery Heart - Emil Wakin Chau
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Start: After 32 counts of intro

S1: Side,Cross Tap, Side Tap, Cross Tap, Side, Jazz Box, Turn&Back
1234.Step LF L(1), cross tap RF(2), side Tap RF(3), cross tap RF(4)
56&78.Step RF R(5), cross LF(6), step RF R(&), Step LF back(7), cross RF(8) (12:00)

S2: Side&Turn, Kick, Back, Toe, Forward, Forward, Turn&Side, Sway, Toe
1&2&34.Step LF L and quarter turn R(1), kick RF(&), rock RF back(2), toe LF together(&), step LF forwards(3), step RF forwards(4)
5678.R quarter turn and step LF L(5), move weight to L in cuban motion(6), move weight to R in cuban motion(7), toe RF together(8)(6:00)

S3: Charleston, Side Tap, Tap Together, Side, Back Rock
1234.Step LF forwards(1), tap RF forwards(2), step RF back(3), tap LF back(4)
56&78.Step LF forwards(5), tap RF R(6), tap RF together(&), step RF R(7), rock LF back(8)(6:00)

S4: Walk, Flick, Walk, Flick, Check, Recover, Turn&Side, Turn&Forward, Turn &Cross, Shuffle
1&2&34.Step RF forwards(1), flick LF(&), step LF forwards(2), flick RF(&), rock RF forwards(3), recover(4)
5678&.R quarter turn and step RF R(5), R quarter turn and step LF forwards(6), R quarter turn and cross RF(7), step LF L diagonally(8), lock RF in(&)(3:00)

Enjoy the dance!


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