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Jennifer Demeo (USA), Harold Deiters (USA) & Ray Swartz (USA) - May 2024
Dance starts 32 counts after intro. Restart on wall 4 after 16 count

[1-8]: Cross Step Point (x2), Jazz Box 1/4 Turn Cross -
1-2Cross Step R over L point L to the side,
3-4Cross step L over R point R to side,
5-6Step R over L step L back
7-8Step R 1/4 turn right step L over R (weight is on your left and you’re right foot is light)

[9-16]: Lindy to the right, 3/4 Turn, Shuffle -
1&2Step R to right side step L next to R step R to right side
3-4Rock L behind right and recover on R, (as you rock L recover on your R use that as a wind up to enter the 3/4 turn),
5-6 1/4 turn over your right shoulder by stepping back with L and continuing turn stepping R,
7&8Shuffle L, R, L (now facing 12 o’clock)
Restart here on 4th wall. (Facing 3:00 wall)

[17-24]: Heel Grind 1/4, Coaster, Half Turns -
1-2R Heel Grind 1/4 right,
3&4Step R back step L back next to R step R forward,
5-6Step L forward and pivot 1/2 turn over right shoulder
7-8step L forward and pivot 1/2 turn right over right shoulder.

[25-32]: Kick, Kick, Sailor, Sailor, Toe Back Half-Turn -
1-2Kick L straight kick L to left side,
3&4Swing L behind R step down on L behind right, lift R up and put R down step L next to R,
5&6Step R behind L lift L up and put L down step R next to L,
7-8Touch L toe back and half turn over left shoulder keeping weight on left.

Have fun and dance on.

Last Update: 15 Jun 2024


Goodcat June 4, 2024
Having a lot of fun learning this dance!❤️😊

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