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Kats & Dogs

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Absolute Beginner
Karen Hill (UK) - May 2024
Let It Roll (From The Garfield Movie) - Keith Urban & Snoop Dogg
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Start on vocals. Count in 16.
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Section 1 - Rock out to right side, recover weight on left, right foot behind left, left to left side, cross the right in front. Rock out to left side, recover weight on right, cross left behind right, cross right in front of left.
1 – 2Rock weight out to right side, recover weight onto left
3 & 4Cross right behind, left to left side, cross right in front of left.
5 – 6Rock weight out to left side, recover weight onto right
7 & 8Cross left behind right, step right to right side, cross the left in front of right.

Section 2 - ‘’Cat walk’’ Toe struts with ¼ turn to left
1 – 2Toe strut with right
3 - 4Toe strut with left
5 – 6Toe strut with right, making a ¼ turn left (9 o’clock)
7 - 8Toe strut with left

Section 3 - Shuffle to the right, rock back on left & recover. Shuffle to the left, rock back on the right & recover.
1 & 2Right side shuffle
3 – 4Rock weight back onto left, recover onto right
5 & 6Left side shuffle
7 - 8Rock back onto the right, recover onto left.

Section 4 - K Step
1 - 2Step right foot diagonally forward, touch the left (clap)
3 - 4Step the left foot back, touch right (clap)
5 – 6Step the right foot diagonally back, touch the left (clap)
7 - 8Step the left foot forward, touch right in place (clap) (9 o’clock.)


Floor split with ‘Straight line’
Dedicated to all my faithful AB class members. Choreographed 6th May 2024


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