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Groovy Like That

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Lisa Wetzler (USA) - May 2024
Easy Like That - LÒNIS & Jon Mero
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#16 count intro. Dance starts when lyrics begin. Weighted on your R.

(1-8) Walk back LR, back L ball step, forward step L, smooth R hitch, R kick-step-tap.
1-4Walk back L over 2 counts, repeat on R (styling: add LR shoulder roll for groovy effect).
&5,6Step back on L, step together R, step forward L.
7Hitch R leg up smoothly.
8&1Kick R forward, step down on R, tap L behind R.

(9-16) Step back L, ¼ R to right, tap L next to R, LR step-touch w/cross.
2-4Step back on L, ¼ right step R to right side, tap L next to R. (3:00).
5-8Step L to left, touch R behind L, step R to right, touch L behind R. (Styling: RL arms raise up then cross over body mirroring back leg)
**RESTART HERE wall #4 (styling: look to audience or front and signal “shhh”).

(17-24) L to left side with hip bumps, hitch R knee w/snap, walk forward RLR, L hitch with shoulder pop w/hand brush.
1-3Step L to left side while bumping hips to left, center, right. (styling: can also swivel heel-toe-heel).
4Hitch R knee (angling toward 4:30) and snap L fingers (make is sassy!).
5-7,8Walk forward (at angle toward 4:30) RLR, hitch L while popping shoulders forward and hands brush forward on shoulders.

(25-32) Step back L w/drag, hold, ¼ R side shuffle, L heel dig, L back rock, recover, ¼ turn L hitch.
1,2Step back on L while dragging R, hold.
3&4Make ¼ right (6:00) and side shuffle RLR.
5,6Dig L heel over R, step R to right while fanning out L toes.
7,8&Back cross rock L, recover forward on R, hitch L forward while making ¼ turn right (9:00). (preps you to start stepping backward from the top!) (styling: add a hop with the hitch when lyrics sing “ooh!”).


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