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At Least I Still Have You (Zhi Shao Hai You Ni / 至少還有你)

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Yuliana Chang (INA) - May 2024
Cici - 至少还有你 (DJ抖音版) Ít Nhất Vẫn Còn Có Anh (Remix Tiktok) - cici_ || Hot Tiktok Douyin
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No tag, No restart,1 step change ( on wall 2 )

Sec 1 : Box shuffle backward, coaster step
123&4Step Rf to R side (1), Step Lf next to Rf (2),Step Rf back (3),Step Lf next to Rf (&),Step Rf back (4)
567&8Step Lf to L side (5),Step Rf next to Lf (6),Step Lf back (7),Step Rf next to Lf (&),Step Lf fwd (8)

Sec 2 : Cross&Point ,1/4 turn R - Jazzbox
1234Cross Rf over Lf (1),Point Lf to L side (2),Step Lf behind Rf (3),Point Rf to R side (4)
5678Rock Rf cross over Lf (5),1/4 turn R,Step Lf backward (6),Step Rf to R side (7),Rock Lf cross over Rf (8)

Sec 3 : R Lindy, toe strut L/R
1234Step Rf to R side (1),Step Lf next to Rf (&),Step Rf to R side (2),Rock Lf back (3),Recover on Rf (4)
5678Step Lf toe to L side (5)Step Lf heel ball flat (6),Cross Rf toe over Lf (7),Step Rf heel ball flat (8)

Sec 4 : Side,back,1/4R-fwd-fwd,1/2R-Recover,walk R/L,together
1234Step Lf to L side (1), Step Rf behind Lf (2),1/4 turn L-Step Lf fwd (3),Step Rf fwd (4)
56781/2 turn R-Step Lf in place (5),Step Rf fwd (6),Step Lf fwd (7),Step Rf next to Lf (8)

Good Luck & Enjoy It 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


Marchy Susilani May 22, 2024
Vote 1

Liping88 May 23, 2024
Nice dance🥰🥰🥰

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