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When We Hit the Town

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Jaidyn Porter (USA) - May 2024
Friday - Flo Rida
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Intro: 32 counts

(1-8) Right wizard, Left wizard, right point cross, right point side, coaster step
1 2&Right forward, Lock left foot behind, step right foot forward (R, L,R)
3 4&Left foot forward, lock R foot behind, step forward with left (L,R,L)
5 6Cross and point R foot in front (5), Point R foot to right side (6).
NOTE: Weight should be on left foot during the R foot points
7 & 8Coaster step to right diagnal (R foot back, L foot back, R foot forward)

(9-16) Triple step, pivot turn and recover, heel grind and recover, coaster step
1 & 2Triple step facing the diagnal starting with L (L,R,L)
3 4Pivot turn with R to face back diagnal wall, Recover L
5 6Heel grind on R foot to face your 12 o'clock wall (Weight should be on Right foot), Recover weight on L
7 & 8Coaster step (R foot back, L foot back, R foot forward)

(17-24) Triple step, kick ball change, rock recover, step back (R,L)
1 & 2Triple step forward (R,L,R)
3 & 4Kick with your R, Recover on R, step forward on L (R,L,R)
5 6Rock forward on R, Recover back on L
7 8Step back on R, Step back on L

(25-32) Point back, 1/4 turn to 3 o'clock wall, hip, hip, cross and cross and step slideeee
1 2Point back on R (1), 1/4 turn over your right shoulder to face your 3 o'clock wall on count 2
3 4Right Hip, Left Hip
5 & 6Cross R over L, Step L to Left, Cross R over Left
7 8Big step out L to Left, R foot Drag in to touch next to L

Tag: The tag happens after the 3rd and 6th wall count after you do the full 32 counts. The tag will be done at the 9 o'clock wall and the 6 o'clock wall.
V step
1 2 3 4R Foot forward, L foot forward, back center with R, back center with L
*Styling options* 4 count spins


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