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Mi Casa Su Casa

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Jo Kinser (UK), Ruben Luna (USA), Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG) & John Kinser (UK) - May 2024
Mi Casa Su Casa - Manwell
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Intro: 16 counts in (0.07) on the vocals “Mi Casa Su Casa”

S1 Walk Forward RL, Cross Samba, Jazz Box ¼ Turn L, Cross
1,2RF walk forward, LF walk forward
3&4RF cross rock over LF, LF rock left, Recover on RF
5,6LF cross over RF, 1/8 turn left and RF step back
7,81/8 turn left and LF step left, RF cross over LF (9:00)

S2 Side, Cross Rock, Recover, Chasse R, Cross Rock, Recover, ¼ Turn L
1,2,3LF step left, RF cross rock over LF, Recover on LF
4&5RF step right, LF step next to RF, RF step right
6,7,8LF cross rock over RF, Recover on RF, ¼ left and LF step forward (6:00)

S3 Step, Together, Step, Hold, Ball Rock, Recover, ¼ Turn R, Cross Bending knees and Shimmy
1,2RF step forward, LF step next to RF
3,4RF step forward, Hold
&5,6Step ball of LF next to RF, RF rock forward, Recover on LF (option: add small upper body roll on cts 5-6)
7,81/4 turn right RF step right (9:00), LF cross over RF bending knees
Option: Shimmy shoulders on counts 7&8

S4 Side, Together, Shuffle Forward, Rock Forward, Recover, Shuffle ½ Turn L
1,2RF step right, LF step next to RF
3&4RF step forward, LF step next to RF, RF step forward
5,6LF rock forward, Recover on RF
7&8¼ turn L LF step left, RF step next to LF, ¼ turn L LF step forward (3:00) - leading with L Hip
Option: 5-8 Roll arms forward in front of chest

TAG: End of wall 2 after 32 counts (6:00), in wall 5 after 16 counts (6:00), end of wall 8 after 32 counts (3:00)
Restart from S1 each time you do the Tag.

Tag Hip Bumps RLRL with R Hand Movements, Jazz Box - Hop
1,2RF step right & bump hip R as right Index finger points R, Bump hip L as right Index finger and middle finger points L
3,4Bump hip R as three fingers points R, Bump hip L as four finger points L
5-8RF cross over LF, LF step back, RF step right, LF hop forward hitching R knee up
Option: 1-4 If you are uncomfortable with the hand movements, just take them out

Ending: Finish S4 with Shuffle ¼ Turn L (12:00), instead of Shuffle ½ Turn L

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