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Fast Car

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Jennifer Workman (USA) - May 2024
Fast Car (Vavo Remix) - Luke Combs
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Begin with singing. 0:05 seconds One Tag on wall 4.

(1-8) Rock recover coaster step full left turn with shuffle step.
1- 2Left foot forward rock left recover on right
3 & 4Step back left bring right to left step out left.
5-6Step out right half turn left.
7 & 8Half turn left while shuffling right left right.

(9-16) Sweep left Sweep right with a left shuffle step.
1-2Swinging the left foot back to the left sweeping and stepping down on Left. Swinging the right foot back to the right sweeping and stepping on right.
3 &4Step back left foot for a left right left.
5,6,7,8Step back right foot with a toe step down while body rolling. Same on left foot, step back left, toe step down while body rolling.

(17-24) Rock step run, run, run toe step down toe step down.
1-2Rock back with right foot recover on left foot
3&4Run forward right left right.
5,6,7,8Step out left toe step down, step out right toe step down.

(25-32) Box step quarter turn to left, two shuffle steps R,L,R -L,R,L
1-4Quarter turn to the left by crossing left over right back up step side left forward right. Box step.
5&6-7&8Step out left, step forward right, step forward left, three steps. Step forward right, step forward left, step forward right. Three steps, both shuffle steps.

(Tag) Four counts on wall four, pivot full turn to your right, or step half turn step half turn, and start over!


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