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Tanga Tuong (Midnight)

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Jennifer Choo Sue Chin (MY), Sophia KSF (MY) & EWS Winson (MY) - June 2024
Kosorou Kopo Nangku Doho - Jestie Alexius : (Spotify - YouTube)
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Intro: 8 counts (Count 1 on vocal “Id”)

Set 1 Step Lock, Unwind FT, Sweep LF, Behind Side Cross 1/8L Hitch, Cross Side Back Rock Recover, ½L Drag
a1(a) Step RF Fwd, (1) Lock LF behind RF (12:00) 12:00
2-3(2) Unwind full turn L shifting weight on RF, (3) Sweep LF from front to back 12:00
4&a5(4) Step LF behind RF, (&) Step RF to R, (a) Cross LF over RF, (5) Hitch R knee into a 1/8L 10:30
6a7(6) Cross RF over LF, 1/8R Step LF to L, 1/8R Rock RF back 1:30
8a1(8) Recover on LF, (a) Execute a ½L stepping RF back, (1) Step LF back and drag RF towards LF 7:30

Set 2 Coaster Hitch, Fwd Rock Recover ¼L Sweep, Fwd Rock Recover 3/8R Sweep, Cross Rock Recover
2a3(2) Step RF back, (a) Close LF next to RF, (3) Step RF fwd and hitch LF 7:30
4a5(4) Rock LF forward, (a) Recover on RF, (5) ¼L Step LF to L and sweep RF from back to front 4:30
6a7(6) Cross rock RF over LF, (a) Recover on LF, (7) 3/8 R step RF fwd and sweep LF from back to front 9:00
8a(8) Cross rock LF over RF, (a) Recover on RF 9:00

Set 3 Side Rock Recover, Behind Side Cross Sweep, Jazz Box Hitch, Fwd Rock Recover ½R, Fwd Rock Recover Lift
1a2a(1) Rock LF to L, (a) Recover on RF, (2) Step LF behind RF, (a) Step RF to R 9:00
3(3) Cross LF over RF and sweep RF from back to front 9:00
4&a5(4) Cross RF over LF, (&) Step LF back, (a) Step RF to R, (5) Cross LF over RF and hitch R knee 9:00
6a7(6) Rock RF fwd, (a) Recover on LF, (7) ½R Step RF fwd 3:00
8a1(8) Rock LF fwd, (a) Recover on RF, (1) Step back on LF and lift RF fwd (open body to L and lean slightly backward) 3:00

Set 4 ¾R Walk Around, Fwd Rock Recover, ½L Fwd, Spiral Full Turn L, Fwd
2-5(2) Step RF fwd, (3) ¼R Step LF fwd, (4) ¼R Step RF fwd, (5) ¼R Rock LF fwd 12:00
6a(6) Recover on RF, ½L Step LF fwd 6:00
7-8(7) Step RF fwd and execute a full spiral L turn, (8) Step LF fwd 6:00

Repeat and Enjoy this beautiful Kadazan song from Sabah, the Land Below the Wind.

Tag 1 (8 counts) – Dance this after Wall 4. You will be facing 12:00. Then Start Wall 5 facing 12:00.
Tag 1 ½L Pivot, Close, ½R Pivot, Close, RF Slide 4x
1-2(1) Step RF fwd, (2) ½L pivot shifting weight onto LF 6:00
a3-4(a) Close RF next to LF, (3) Step LF fwd, (4) ½R pivot shifting weight onto RF 12:00
a5-8(a) Close LF next to LF, (5-8) Push/Slide R toes to R and pull back to centre 4x 12:00

Tag 2 (4 counts) – Dance this after Wall 5. You will be facing 6:00. Then start Wall 6 facing 12:00.
Tag 2 R Twinkle, L Twinkle, ½L Pivot
1&a(1) Cross RF over LF, (&) Rock LF to L, (a) Recover on RF 6:00
2&a(3) Cross LF over RF, (&) Rock RF to R, (a) Recover on LF 6:00
3-4(3) Step RF fwd, (4) ½L pivot turn shifting weight to LF 12:00

Note: This dance is specially choreographed for the Line Dance Foundation LDF Malaysia event at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on 15 Sep 2024. Come and Dance with us there!


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