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Oh My Gosh

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High Improver
Ria Vos (NL) - June 2024
ALL WE GOT - Ray Dalton
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Intro: 16 Counts

Dorothy R, Dorothy L & Fwd Rock, Full Turn R
1-2&Step R Fwd to R Diagonal, Lock L Behind R, Step Fwd on R
3-4&Step Fwd on L Diagonal, Lock R Behind L, Step Fwd on L
5-6Rock Fwd on R, Recover on L
7-8½ Turn R Step Fwd on R, ½ Turn R Step Back on L (12:00)

Lock Step Back, Coaster Step, Kick & Point, ¼ L Hitch & Point
1&2Step Back on R, Lock L Over R, Step Back on R (option: Pony Step)
3&4Step Back on L, Step R Next to L, Step Fwd on L
5&6Kick R Fwd, Step R Next to L, Point L to L Side Bending R Knee
7&8Hitch L, ¼ Turn L Step L Next to R, Point R to R Side Bending L Knee (9:00)
*** Restart Point

Samba, Diamond 1/8 L, Back, 1/8 L Side, Cross Shuffle
1&2Cross R Over L, Step L to L Side, Step R to R Side
3&4Cross L Over R, Step R to R Side, 1/8 Turn L Step Back on L (7:30)
5-6Step Back on R, 1/8 Turn L Step L to L Side (6:00)
7&8Cross R Over L, Step on Ball of L to L Side, Cross R Over L

Side Rock & Side Rock, Kick Ball Cross, ¼ L, ½ L
1-2&Rock L to L Side, Recover on R, Step L Next to R
3-4Rock R to R Side, Recover on L
5&6Kick R to R Diagonal, Step on Ball of R Next to L, Cross L Over R
7-8¼ Turn L Step Back on R, ½ Turn L Step Fwd on L (9:00)

Restart: After 16 counts on Wall 2 & 6 both facing 6:00

Ending: You will end after count 16 facing 9:00, Turn ¼ R Stepping R Next to L to end facing 12:00

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