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Belong Together (All the Time)

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Improver / Intermediate
Yvonne Kostorz (DE) - June 2024
Belong Together - Mark Ambor
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Intro: 8 Counts

Rocking chair, Lockstep
1&2&RF rock fw, recover to LF, RF rock back, recover to LF
3&4Lockstep RF fw, LF behind, RF fw
5&6&Repeat (1&2&) at the other side
7&8Repeat ( 3&4) at the other side

2 x Step Turn Cross (¼ & ½ Turn), Side-Behind-Side-Cross, Side-Turn
1&2Step RF fw, L recover on LF (1/4 Turn to L), RF cross LF (09:00)
3&4Step LF bw (1/4 Turn to R), Step RF to R side (1/4 Turn to R), LF cross RF (03.00)
5&6&Step RF to R, LF behind RF, Step RF to R, LF cross RF,
7 8Step RF to R side (1/8 Turn to R), Stomp LF next to RF (1/8Turn to R) (6:00)
Restart at Wall 3 after 16 Counts facing 12:00
Restart at Wall 6 after 16 Counts facing 06.00

Heel Switch, Side Mambo
1&2&Heel RF fw, Close RF to LF, Heel LF fw, Close LF to RF
3&4RF side rock to R, recover to LF, RF close to LF
5&6&repeat (1&2&) at the other side
7&8repeat (3&4) at the other side

3-Step-Box with alternating Turns(1/8 & ¼), 4-Step-Box, Step fw-Stomp
1&2Step RF cross LF, Step LF bw, Step RF side to R (1/8Turn to R) (07.30)
3&4Step LF cross RF, Step RF bw, Step LF side to L (1/4 Turn to L) (04.30)
5&6&Step RF cross LF, Step LF bw, Step RF side to R, Step LF cross (1/8 Turn to R) (6:00)
7 8Step RF fw, Stomp LF next to RF
(1) There is one extra count at the end oft the music - Stomp RF fw (with a pose)

End of the dance is at wall 8 after 16 counts facing 12:00.

*2. Section: You can dance ¼ Turn to R on Count 7 or 8 instead of two 1/8 Turns to R

Enjoy and have fun!



Hania June 14, 2024
😊👍So werden wir auch tanzen

YK June 16, 2024
Das freut mich sehr. Viel Spaß dabei.

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